ANTARES GROUP is one of the largest manufacturers of office chairs in Central and Eastern Europe. It carries out its production at six factories in Europe, in cooperation with more than 3000 professional partners, with several million sold chairs in the region annually. With our solutions, we contribute to workplace satisfaction.


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The new model: Moon H

Rounded shape, high elegance, exclusive design – this is an executive chair that inspires with his appearance, and with the comfort that conquers! We present to you the new ANTARES model – Moon H

New model of working chair  Zero G

The new model Zero G working chair in an exclusive design will contribute to the beautiful style of your office. This comfortable and swivel chair is made of aluminum, plastic and high quality and airy net. It is equipped with a rocking mechanism and height adjustment with a gas cylinder

The new model: LOTUS OFFICE
The modern working chair Lotus Office as one of the new Antares models is distinguished by a specific and modern design. It can be used as a working or conference chair